Mount Zion Baptist Church History



Our Church History
We praise the Lord for what He has done through the years to preserve and protect us a church family.
No one knows the exact date that Mt. Zion church was organized, but we do know that church services were being held here in 1855. In those days the building was a log structure with a wood burning fireplace. The church was also used as a community school. At this time we were known as Liberty Church. In 1877 a frame building was then erected and stood until 1946 when it was torn down and sold. An entirely new building was then erected and stood until 1946 when it was damaged by a storm that same year. The old sanctuary which stands today was then constructed using materials from the destroyed structure. During this time each Sunday School class used a section of the sanctuary for classes. A curtain was used to separate the adult classes from the youth and children’s classes. Four classrooms were added to the back of the old Sanctuary in 1967. These classrooms were used for a nursery, children and youth classes and the adults continued to meet in the sanctuary.
In 1976 additional classrooms were built and a baptistery added to the sanctuary. At last, the adult class finally has a classroom of their own. It was at this time that the pulpit and prayer bench which are now being used in the new Sanctuary were built by Bro. Harold McGee. Our needs were again met by the Lord in 1989 when a 20X40 2-story addition was added to the existing structure. The upper story provided three classrooms and the lower story severed as a Fellowship Hall. The structure which has just been complete more than doubles our total size. Housed in the new facility are a 40x60 ft. Sanctuary, pastor’s study, 2 classrooms, 54x40 Fellowship Hall, additional nursery space, bathrooms and storage space.
We would like to give praise to the Lord for all that has been, is, and will be in our church. We thank Him for the families who have kept these church doors open when it seemed a hopeless task. We thank him for providing to a people with little financial substance the faith that He could meet their needs. The structure that you see before you today truly is a testimony to Him. Each person in our church family has given of themselves in a special way that we might bring honor to our Lord. He has preserved us a church family and as a Family we give Him our love and praise.
Written in 1991, by Mary Hamilton